Step 1: Materials & Tools

We will need:
- a paper cup
- 1 sheet of A4 (or similar size) paper weight 160-250 g/m2
(you can also use the lid from the children's shoe boxes or foam trays for vegetables)
- a toothpick
- a segment-edge cutter
- 9V battery (or similar size block)

- an adhesive tape
- scissors
- 1 permament marker (not nessesary)
- a hair dryer (not nessesary)
- computer printer (only if you do not have trays or cardboard lid)

magnificent idea!
could you post a picture of one in action
 this is pretty cool. good job
omf gosh this so awesome! I so wish i had a coffee cup now
I once made a ridable hovercraft (instructions online) and it won the science fair! They work well. You should make one.<br />
Nice. Just like those toys at the science fair that had a ballon., you would fill it up and then they would scoot along really fast.
Hey<br /> It's wonderful project! I think it would be a winner at this event.<br /> We're waiting for more models and projects :)<br /> And btw...<br /> Pozdrowienia z Polski :)<br />
Hi !<br /> If you like it, and for that you can understand what I write,<br /> - I have also already a lot of proven projects,<br /> the same time I care about learning English ...<br /> So - who knows ...?<br /> <span class="short_text" id="result_box"><span style="" title="">Meanwhile, I invite you to my website (in Polish)</span></span>.<br /> Do milego! ;o)<br />
good job. I was wondering how you made those blueprint model thingies.<br />
Thx! This is only Corel Draw 9. <br /> I like this program and&nbsp; I'm drawing in this a little already... <br />
Hi all!<br /> In the competition participates a lot of great projects - my is first time here ...<br /> I'm very glad if you all liked my project and I thank you all for those really kind words and your votes.<br /> Unfortunatelly, now I can't send you video clip with this flying (I have little problems with processing and sending movies) - but please belive me - it is real great flying! (<span class="short_text" id="result_box"><span style="" title="">especially with the foam deck</span></span>) Easily check it yourself!&nbsp; With &quot;my&quot; kids we play this already at few years...<br /> Cheers!<br />
Witaj, z tej strony Starling z Konradus-a, tak jak obiecałem oddaję głos ;-)<br /> Powodzenia...<br /> <br /> Pozdrawiam Grzegorz<br />
Very nice job, and excellent pictures, too!<br />
&nbsp;Cool idea, and very well presented. &nbsp;Those kids look really happy!
Fajna rzecz! Bede musial taka sobie zmajstrowac :-) <br /> Pozdrowienia dla wroclawiaka od wroclawiaka!<br /> <br /> A Pomyslowy Dobromil rzadzi !!! ;-)
Seems really cool<br /> Can you add a video of your hovercraft in action?<br />
Wonderful, congratulations!<br />
wow verry proffesionally done. Iv been planning on building a rc hovercraft for a bit. I wouldn't build this but a very creative approach to explaining hovercrafts<br />

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