Picture of Paper coffee cup flying & controlled models of hovercrafts

Step 1: Materials & tools

Picture of Materials & tools

We will need:
- a paper cup
- 1 sheet of A4 (or similar size) paper weight 160-250 g/m2
(you can also use the lid from the children's shoe boxes or foam trays for vegetables)
- a toothpick
- a segment-edge cutter
- 9V battery (or similar size block)

- an adhesive tape
- scissors
- 1 permament marker (not nessesary)
- a hair dryer (not nessesary)
- computer printer (only if you do not have trays or cardboard lid)

beshur4 years ago
magnificent idea!
raja6815 years ago
could you post a picture of one in action
Zippo12345 years ago
 this is pretty cool. good job
omf gosh this so awesome! I so wish i had a coffee cup now
I once made a ridable hovercraft (instructions online) and it won the science fair! They work well. You should make one.
XOIIO5 years ago
Nice. Just like those toys at the science fair that had a ballon., you would fill it up and then they would scoot along really fast.
Foxik205 years ago
It's wonderful project! I think it would be a winner at this event.
We're waiting for more models and projects :)
And btw...
Pozdrowienia z Polski :)
iPD (author)  Foxik205 years ago
Hi !
If you like it, and for that you can understand what I write,
- I have also already a lot of proven projects,
the same time I care about learning English ...
So - who knows ...?
Meanwhile, I invite you to my website (in Polish).
Do milego! ;o)
good job. I was wondering how you made those blueprint model thingies.
iPD (author)  jimmerforpoy5 years ago
Thx! This is only Corel Draw 9.
I like this program and  I'm drawing in this a little already...
iPD (author) 5 years ago
Hi all!
In the competition participates a lot of great projects - my is first time here ...
I'm very glad if you all liked my project and I thank you all for those really kind words and your votes.
Unfortunatelly, now I can't send you video clip with this flying (I have little problems with processing and sending movies) - but please belive me - it is real great flying! (especially with the foam deck) Easily check it yourself!  With "my" kids we play this already at few years...
Witaj, z tej strony Starling z Konradus-a, tak jak obiecałem oddaję głos ;-)

Pozdrawiam Grzegorz
kcls5 years ago
Very nice job, and excellent pictures, too!
localtalent5 years ago
 Cool idea, and very well presented.  Those kids look really happy!
przem5 years ago
Fajna rzecz! Bede musial taka sobie zmajstrowac :-)
Pozdrowienia dla wroclawiaka od wroclawiaka!

A Pomyslowy Dobromil rzadzi !!! ;-)
sfcsarah5 years ago
Seems really cool
Can you add a video of your hovercraft in action?
rimar20005 years ago
Wonderful, congratulations!
zigzagchris5 years ago
wow verry proffesionally done. Iv been planning on building a rc hovercraft for a bit. I wouldn't build this but a very creative approach to explaining hovercrafts