Picture of Paper cut art
How to make easy paper art
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Step 1: Start drawing

Picture of Start drawing
And ...make sure you draw something with feathers, petals or such....

Step 2: Cut and fold

Picture of Cut and fold
If you use a blade like I did (because that's the only thing I found around) be very careful! Wrap it with folded paper or aluminium foil...

Step 3: Done!

Picture of Done!
By now you have finished folding. Ready for the next step?

Step 4: Add details

Picture of Add details
Color eyes, draw leaves... be creative

Step 5: Finishing touches

Picture of Finishing touches
Glue your piece of art on colored paper. 

And you're done!!! :D Show it to your friends... :D
santhilanka11 months ago

Very simple and adorable! Thank you for the idea.

Thank you very much! Glad you liked them!!! Yes, it's very simple, but you shall be careful! :D :D :D Thanks again! :D

sunshiine11 months ago

These are adorable. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you very much! Glad you liked em! :) :)

JoLoveN11 months ago
Very cool! Might be safer with a cutting tool than just a blade. Or if you use a thumb tack to press holes in it where you want to make your cuts & then simply pop it out. Safer for kids. But I really like your idea!! Keep posting & creating!!

Yeah, I know but I just couldn't find one yesterday!!! Thanks 4 your idea, i appreciate. :D

Yw. Razor blades just scare me. Been cut & it hurt like heck! Just thought if a kid saw that they might try it. Don't want that to happen. But I still love the idea! Just thought, you could cut the construction paper too & then put another color behind it. And do as many colors as you would want. Might look cool.