Paper Disk Mag Gun!





Introduction: Paper Disk Mag Gun!

Hi this is my newest creation. a disk bullet feed clip kinda thing. LOL i made a 4 round drum clip but i can make it 10 bullet mag if i want im just to lazy.

This little gun shoots about maybe 6 to 16 feet~~~~ its rly cool!

Full auto or semi but i like bolt action semi auto for this fun. It shoots farther that way. i dont know why but i always had a dream of this new mag drum system. weird 0.o

I will maybe make a totorial of this gun.



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    In fact with just a bit of modding this design could be made so the drum spins on a horizontal axis. Difficult yet possible

    It's pretty simple and has great potential the one flaw of this prototype is that air escapes trough the opening between the mag and barrel. Even then it could be fixed by a door or a hatch.

    you should really make more guns cuz the guns you make are good but you need to make the tutorials a little clearer

    hu,. yeah.

    now its time to stop childish amusements and begin to craft with real material, and maybe enven building a real shooting pneumatic gun??

    pneumatic gun?? lol..... already have done that... tsss

    please please, hurry up with the tutorial cmon man

    lol i am prob not ganna make one. Ps its easy to make... you dont need to be that intelligent to make it look at the pics.

    Nice job. You should add instructions.