Variation on a great inspiration- I'll be teaching these to 12 year olds- so I decided to use glue (the kids don't have their own staplers) and because I have an attention span almost as short as the aforementioned 12 year olds... well I varied them a little. I'll let you know how their creations turn out. Thank you so much for the idea :)
 So.... when will you be posting your instructable on how to make your version???  (please!)
i'm wondering the saaaame thing
Why yes! I'd love to also. Actually I wanna know more about this I hope you all make a video about this soon.... =)
hello i love your flower i just will love to know how you made it.
Oh wow. Your variations came out beautiful! They look really interesting.
easy is best!
Really intresting!!!!!
Dude, this is WAY too fast
wow  thats really coooooooolll n easy toooooooo
cool idea :)
do it a bit slower please...
Those are so pretty aj78!
hahaha i like only the leaf(with the flower not on the stem of the flower) and the flower part
as usual golics never fails to amaze awesome
<h2> pretty cool</h2>
I'm gonna make this with that paper heart pocket for mothers day
AAGGGHHH!!!!!! MAKE AN INSTRUCTABLE THAT MATCHES THE LABEL.... THIS IS NOT EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paper Flower. The Simple Way. Might have been more accurate. lol Still, cool idea. Maybe you should post the step-by-step as well, so as to be a true Instructable. Nice flower though. Will teach this to my kids in a couple years. Oughta be a hit in kindergarten.
aww I found that pausing early and often is good. also, try to make sure you have the edges and folds in the same spot.. I messed up on it on mine, and the outer ruffles came out in two pieces. ;).. as far as the staple order in the inner bloom though, I can't seem to get that right. I tried last night, attaching one petal to the one next to it and ended up with a mess. I also cheated on the leaves and just cut them out of a piece of the green scrap one by one. ;)
Uhhh... Its called a stapler, not a hefty-something.
Not in her language.
thats really pretty i have to make one
That's fantastic. Thanks
Thats really cool! I'll remember that one for a last minute Mother's day present emergency.
Love this. Will make a dozen. Thanks
use glue would be nicer...<sup>_</sup><br/>thanks for the idea!!<br/>love it =)<br/>
+ a waste of staplers! :)
looks really hard... oh well, i'll give it a try.
nothing but frustration....
Yet another great origami. You sir are the best!
good instructions..easy to make and pretty!
Golics = origami or whatever MASTER.<br/>Amazing stuff man, you're doing great. It looks hard, but who cares, your stuff is awesome!<br/>
It's not working for me... =/<br/>

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