Introduction: Paper Fun for Every 1!

today I will show you some cool paper models you can make!!! 

Step 1: Paper Gameboy

Picture of Paper Gameboy

You can copy and past on paint. I like the gameboy paper craft because it is video game related.

Step 2: Paper Instructables Robot

It was a pain to get this one because it was a PDF file i got it to save on pictures. I gotta idmit it was hard!

Step 3: Paper ? Cube

Picture of Paper ? Cube

It's ame Mario!!! The game never gets old!!! People love him!!! Ah classic!

Step 4: R. Mutt

little white guy!

Step 5: Monkey


Step 6: Parate


Step 7: Ryan Cox

dood wit snot nose.

Step 8: Skeletron

a cute little guy. Can be used as a pancil holder.

Step 9: Uk Johnny

pink guy.

Step 10: Papercut of Death


Step 11: Coffin

Picture of Coffin



Mplinnc (author)2009-12-28

I meant pencil holder.

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