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 the only paper stunt air plane I know of.

Step 1:

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1.fold paper in half (sorry about the pic the get better)
2.unfold paper

Step 2:

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3. basic air plane fold.  

Step 3:

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4.hard to explain try to follow the pic.repeat with other side.

Step 4:

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5.fold tip down.

Step 5:

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 6.fold wind down so base is 1 inch.
7. repeat on other side.

Step 6:

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8.fold tips of wings.

Step 7:

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9.crimp back of wings up(try not to rip it)

Step 8:

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final product.


mberg (author)2010-11-09

i did the crimp but as drpepper1234 said it goes backward. so i straightened it out and it literally just glides until it hits a wall. sweet plane, really easy to make, and also easy to remember how to make.

CaseBoy (author)mberg2010-11-10


zascecs (author)2010-03-18

It looks like you added some special effects to the picture here... 

CaseBoy (author)zascecs2010-03-19

no the cram i used got messed up

zascecs (author)CaseBoy2010-03-19

 I see...


CaseBoy (author)zascecs2010-03-20

 when i said cram i really meant cam.

zascecs (author)CaseBoy2010-03-20

That makes more sense. 

Dr. Pepper (author)2009-10-29

its ok but it goes backwards

CaseBoy (author)Dr. Pepper2009-10-31

 ya that will happen some times u mite want to lower the crimp on the back of the wings.

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