Paper ground effect vehicle #1 (like a hover-craft)

Picture of Paper ground effect vehicle #1 (like a hover-craft)
A ground effect vehicle is like a hovercraft, but instead of having a fan blowing air down, air is forced underneath by a slope, wings or other such system.
This is version 1 of the craft. At the time of writing there are 2 versions.

This vehicle can travel upwards of 5m on a smooth surface(like vinyl), and once moving can transition onto slightly rougher ones (like carpet).
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Step 1: Materials and requirements

Picture of Materials and requirements
The materials are easy:
1) Paper, A4
2) Scissors

The requirements are a little harder:
1) Smooth floor (eg vinyl, cork etc) to "fly" it on
2) you!

Step 2: Folding #1

Picture of Folding #1
Fold the paper in half, don't crease it too hard, as this is only a mark line. If you are pedantic you would measure and rule it.
Then unfold it, until it's flat again.

Step 3: Folding #2

Picture of Folding #2
After you have unfolded it, then fold each side in until they meet at the center-line.
Crease these hard. I didn't here, so you can see what's going on, but it is better if you do.

Step 4: Folding #3

Picture of Folding #3
Then cut the fins. Try to keep them equal size, but apart from that the size isn't too important, they are to keep it pointing the right way.
Unfold them so they are at ~30 degrees, as in the picture.

Step 5: Folding #4

Picture of Folding #4
This is the hardest step. Make two folds 0.5cm apart from each other, at the other end.You want the top flap to rest at ~45 degrees from flat, and the middle segment at ~30 degrees in the opposite direction. Again refer to the pictures, it makes it all clearer.
DavidH292 months ago

How to lift this thing off the ground?

legoman1112 years ago
What is that tiny white thing?
sdfgeoff (author)  legoman1112 years ago
I wouldn't know, but I guess it is just a sliver of paper from a previous experiment.
how do you throw it? i cant manage!
sdfgeoff (author)  erodicsponge2 years ago
You don't 'throw' it, more you push it along the ground.
If you had a flat piece of paper on the ground, how would you move it?
i would blow it! It makes an awesome sound!