Picture of Paper ground effect vehicle #2
After making #1, I was sure I could do better. Skimming smoothly over a perfectly smooth floor isn't really too much of an achievement.
So #2 was designed to hover higher and thus be able to tackle things like carpet or concrete on launch.

It does this OK. Once it is going it is fine, launching it is hard on rough surfaces, but it goes far better than #1, especially for it's size. It has a greater range of speeds that it hovers at, but the fins at the back make launching interesting
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Step 1: Materials and requirements

Picture of Materials and requirements
The necessary equipment is a bit more for this, but is still pretty much nothing.

Paper (A4)
Paper clip

Scissors or knife (ruler to help if you use a knife)
Glue (white or stick-form)

Step 2: The Template

Picture of The Template
While you can eyeball the dimensions, I'll make it easier for you, here's a template for the sizing and folds.

For those who need to know, bold lines are cut, dotted are fold. Heck, for this model it doesn't matter which way you fold, as long as you make two opposite sidewalls.

Print it so it is 8-9cm across. If it's bigger, then you'll need more than a paper-clip at the front. If it's too small then you'll need to find a smaller clip, or possibly use a staple. Remember that the bigger it is the better it flies, so don't go make a really really tiny one.

Step 3: Cutting

Picture of Cutting
Just cut out the template. If you really want, click on this step and look at the picture, there's not much to see though.

Step 4: Folding

Picture of Folding
Again not much to see. All folds are 90 degrees. (or thereabouts) try to be accurate on the longer folds though.

Step 5: Glue

Picture of Glue
I'm pretty sure this is self explanatory. There is very little to muck up. Just try to get it looking like the picture you saw at the beginning.
Jay00Skayrak4 months ago
please work on new models such as lippisch style, it hovers over the ground, i searched all the net for a tutorial but didn t found any print so i am asking if not bothering you if you can make one!
IRSisSIR3 years ago
so, what does it do, and how?
sdfgeoff (author)  IRSisSIR3 years ago
A ground effect vehicle is like a hovercraft. But without a fan pushing down, instead it compresses the air underneath it by ground effect. Look on Wikipedia to find out about ground effect.
This little bit of paper is a ground effect craft, and if properly constructed, and pushed forwards at the right speed, it will hover, and skim above the ground for a number of meters, further than most paper planes can fly.

I hope that made things clearer.
macrumpton3 years ago
No video? :(
sdfgeoff (author)  macrumpton3 years ago
Not at this stage. It's so simple to make I didn't think it needed one. I will probably make one when I have done a few other vids first.
You don't need a video for the construction, but having one showing it functioning would probably inspire more people to try it.
Articas3 years ago
what sort of paper do you have to use will just normal printer paper work or should i use cardstock or something
sdfgeoff (author)  Articas3 years ago
Normal paper works fine, it's what I use.