Introduction: Paper Gun Arsenal (does Not Fire)

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This paper arsenal is easy to make and is great for play gun fights.

Step 1: What You Need:

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Paper (A4)


Step 2: Piece #1

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Take a piece of A4 paper and fold it lengthwise three times.

Step 3: Piece #2

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Roll the paper lengthwise, then unroll it. Then roll the side that's less curled. It will stay rolled up.

Step 4: Basic Pistol

Picture of Basic Pistol

Take two Piece 1s'. and fold both in half. Put one in the crook of the other one (pic 3). Then fold it in (pic 3 & 4). Pull the handle for the last step. Then you're done! It should look like the last picture.

Step 5: Double Barreled Pistol

Picture of Double Barreled Pistol

This is a more complicated version of the basic pistol. First take a piece one and fold it in half and take a piece 2 and fold that in half too. Then put the piece 2 in the crook of the piece 1 and tuck in like the basic pistol. Optional: trim the points off the front of the barrels with a pair of scissors.

Step 6: Extra #1: the Kinda Sawed-off Shotgun

Picture of Extra #1: the Kinda Sawed-off Shotgun

Take a basic pistol and a piece 1 and tape together with the fold in the piece 1 facing up and the barrel of the pistol in the fold (pic 2). Tape to where I'm pointing in pic 3.

Step 7: Al Capone Style Sub Machine Gun

Picture of Al Capone Style Sub Machine Gun

Take two basic pistols and tape them together back to front. I laid them out how they should be taped in pic 1. Notice in pic 2 their not overlapping, make sure that they're not otherwise there will be little hand room.

Step 8: In Conclusion...

Thanks for reading my Instructable. I'm kinda new at this so constructive criticism is appreciated. I'll add some new guns when I find the time.


Colonel Hogan (author)2015-01-31

note: the Al Capone gun and the Sawed off shotgun can be floppy, so you can support it with chopsitcks or some thing

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