Paper Gun Assault Rifle!





Introduction: Paper Gun Assault Rifle!

This is my big rifle BUT it is a plane one. if you want a scope make 1. if you want a bether grip make 1.
if you want any thing MAKE IT YOUR OWN. cause i didn't had tape no more D: still.. .. ..

YES i am sry for the pic but don t be moron and QQ about it narbs.

This gun shoots about 6-23 feet!

Step 1: Making! Canon+ Ram

Just make this. . . as simple as that xD

Step 2: Cuting

cut ...

Step 3: Finish

Tadam do this and your finish!!!

Step 4: Mod

Heres some mod you can do if you want.

Step 5: Load and Shoot

load and shoot!



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    your one of the best paper gun makers i know, nd i know a lot

    All ur gun need to blow?

    I can t understand anything?

    how does it shoot?!

    i made this and i dont understand how it fires

    mabey you should put in more detail???


    3 replies

    ...... make 2 stupid rectangles with 2 piece of paper... the smallest cut it like pic 9 and on that on cut it in half( this will be the handle and the clip)
    Take the long rectangle and the little rectangle with a cut in it and tape them together in the form of the pics i shown you. cut a hole( form of the clip) in the biggest rectangle piece and the clip needs a bottom so with some extra paper you make a (cap). THEN FINALY TAPE ALL THAT TOGETER AND YOU ARE DONE.

    Happy now?


    really how???


    no, how it shot , ? with what it can launch ??? XD


    how its shot i dont understand :/

    thx man i built asoc scope man

    yea i made one and it shoots about 10 - 25 feet
    and that was the one made of plane papr

    How long is the barrel on the gun?

     make a little square prism and cut triangles.

    dude i made your other gun and added a fireing mechanism to it and it shoots 10 feet easy at a straight angle if it was at a 30 degree angle it shoots 15 feet