This is my big rifle BUT it is a plane one. if you want a scope make 1. if you want a bether grip make 1.
if you want any thing MAKE IT YOUR OWN. cause i didn't had tape no more D: still.. .. ..

YES i am sry for the pic but don t be moron and QQ about it narbs.

This gun shoots about 6-23 feet!

Step 1: Making! Canon+ Ram

Just make this. . . as simple as that xD

Step 2: Cuting

cut ...

Step 3: Finish

Tadam do this and your finish!!!

Step 4: Mod

Heres some mod you can do if you want.

Step 5: Load and Shoot

load and shoot!
<p>keep up the good work</p>
<p>your one of the best paper gun makers i know, nd i know a lot</p>
All ur gun need to blow?
I can t understand anything?
<p>how does it shoot?!</p>
<p>i made this and i dont understand how it fires</p>
mabey you should put in more detail???<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> NO,&nbsp;REALY&nbsp;PLEASE!
...... make 2 stupid rectangles with 2 piece of paper... the smallest cut it like pic 9 and on that on cut it in half( this will be the handle and the clip)<br /> Take the long rectangle and the little rectangle with a cut in it and tape them together in the form of the pics i shown you. cut a hole( form of the clip)&nbsp;in the biggest rectangle piece and the clip needs a bottom so with some extra paper you make a (cap). THEN&nbsp;FINALY&nbsp;TAPE&nbsp;ALL&nbsp;THAT&nbsp;TOGETER&nbsp;AND&nbsp;YOU&nbsp;ARE&nbsp;DONE. <br /> <br /> Happy now?<br />
really how???
no, how it shot , ? with what it can launch ??? XD
how its shot i dont understand :/
thx man i built asoc scope man
cool and nice!<br /> <br />
yea i made one and it shoots about 10 - 25 feet <br>and that was the one made of plane papr <br>
how do u shoot it<br>
How long is the barrel on the gun?<br>
how do you make the rail?<br />
&nbsp;make a little square prism and cut triangles.
dude i made your other gun and added a fireing mechanism to it and it shoots 10 feet easy at a straight angle if it was at a 30 degree angle it shoots 15 feet <br>
Hay Where's the shoulder stock?
I don't want to be mean but this doesn't make any sence at all! The gun looks cool but how do you make it?
Are you serious? you really don't require that much info to make this. use your imagination.
by reading all yellow things i posted in the pic. every one else did it easily.<br />
To Every one that does not understand this step LOOK AT THE LAST PICTURE this step is supposed to look at the last picture! - 1 normal tube that is the bolt - Take your piece of paper do 2 tubes that are bigger than the bolt and tape these 2 tubes together and it should look like the last picture. Take your paper and try to make exacly as you see in the pictures
what sucks?
Really truly awesome, but you have to use proper english.
ok that's the last draw. for now on im posting only french instructables. NO MORE ENGLISH!!!
<p>KEWL&nbsp;cause i speak french</p>
soz, i didn't know you spoke french :\
now thats a a responsible man that haves respect.
At my R&nbsp;E&nbsp;S&nbsp;P&nbsp;C&nbsp;T&nbsp;is the only thing they say lol
No way, I never knew a little tube on the top of a gun was a scope :P
<strong>Nice gun tho.</strong>
work of a genius
&nbsp;work of a genius on a bad day
awesome gun. i like the french accent. i speak french a little to. halybofrance. now answer yes or no.
ummm lol what part was awsome? haha i don't see any french part..?..?..?
well when you say simple no that is a english accent
-_- not really what did you want me to say? naw???
i just thought you new what it ment :p
lolol no or sry i meant nawwwwwwwwwwwww lol
ummm..... hello~ i want to ask : the assault riffle can shoot anot ?? last time i make ur other paper gun cannot shoot .......... So this can?? I dont want to wast my tape!!!! P/S Reply in instant
&nbsp;yes it can
undermig, your AWSOME!!
&nbsp;well ty.
After reading this, i went offf and i made a pistol, an assult rifle, and then i made a p90, which lookks awesome. thanks man
is the hole that you make in the big tube facing up-.-

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