Picture of Paper gun bullet

Hey, I've made some paper gun's but the bullet dosn't work but this should work on any gun that dose not have a mag.
I hope this helps!
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Step 1: Things you need.

Picture of Things you need.
tape, glue, paper, plastic BB and scissors.

Step 2: Role it.

Picture of Role it.
3g (Small).JPG
Take the peace of paper and role it like in the pic. Then tape it. But make sure that there is not a hole at the tip.

Step 3: And cut.

Picture of And cut.
5g (Small).JPG
6g (Small).JPG
Stick the point in your barrel and cut it flush.

Step 4: Glue

Picture of Glue
10g (Small).JPG
Put some glue in and then drop a plastic BB in. If you bullet is longer then 5in put two.

Step 5: Your done!

Picture of Your done!

Just let the glue dry and....... YOUR DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yapoyo3 years ago