Picture of Paper gun sniper rifle
This is my paper sniper rifle i made. its a bit ugly cause its my proto type. if i make instructables of it i will make is cooler for you guys but theirs only 1 way that i post instructables of this gun. that is if i get 10 subscriver from this slide show. if not then i guess no one wants instructables so show it to your friends and tell them to subscrive TY

-scope will work 60% of the time

- this rifle will shoot about 7-22 feet

- its cool. hope you all like it _
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HoàngN91 month ago
dashmoney53 months ago

I like it

it's really good! Well done

nice........i made one.Works very well

knexbug1 year ago

made it!!!!!!!!!!

knexbug1 year ago

im just starting to make this . dont a sk about my name

legoman1112 years ago
What is the instructable called(if it is made)?
chopstx6 years ago
nice. what kind of paper did u use?
Undermig (author)  chopstx6 years ago
normal printer size paper. um subscrive to me and il maybe post this next week
already subscribed!
Undermig (author)  chopstx6 years ago
ok nice
so you gonn post it or not? please say yes! bye the way , i created a crossbows and slingshots group. care to join?
Undermig (author)  chopstx6 years ago
um ok. and YES i will post this gun but not now. i need a other subscriver so plz tell a friend or something haha and look up my other paper gun i made
hey, im new here..
but ur awesome so i subscribed
im new too
yoshi1 Undermig4 years ago
Have you posted it yet?
By the way i subscribed.
Undermig (author)  yoshi14 years ago
it is posted...
an11533 years ago
sergio004 years ago
i LIKE it very much
Undermig (author)  sergio004 years ago
oakzbr64 years ago
make a tutorial so we all can try it out
Undermig (author)  oakzbr64 years ago
I subscribed so can you please make it :) !!!!!!¡¡¡¡
Undermig (author)  Sk8erboyflips4 years ago
sammyd9014 years ago
your a boss
Undermig (author)  sammyd9014 years ago
Kirby14 years ago
Wow this is awsome! So I subcribed!! Can't wait to see the instructables.
DO IT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
man you should add a triggerguard ,you know ,that thing thats below the trigger?
man you should add a triggerguard ,you know ,that thing thats below the trigger?
keeskeet5 years ago
how does it shoot that far its just paper?!??! Also im tellin you that if you made the instructions more people would like and get more veiws.
Undermig (author)  keeskeet5 years ago
. . . are you serious? Why... why do you comment and say stuff without knowing any thing... hmmmmmmm thats just being weird. I did post instructions if you click on my name you can see it I know you wanted to help me but do your research before saying something Ok?
Magic Wade5 years ago
Very nice job,but if yo want to make a really good,stiff,realistic handle try cutting at least six 5in. by 8in. pieces of paper.Then your roll them up and tape them all int a rectangular prisim like thing.tThen take index cards and wrap the index cards around the handle.To attach it just cut a square sligthly smaller then the handle and stick the handle inside the opening.You dont really need tape unless you want it.
nmbalazs1235 years ago
lol nice comment calson
DEADMAU5FTW6 years ago
the site is called instructables not show-offables!
Undermig (author)  DEADMAU5FTW6 years ago
lol???????? i did made a instructable you wanna see it? click my name.
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