The fact that you can read this Instructable proves that you are the owner of an internet-capable device already, and don’t need an iMac, in case you don’t already have one.
But they look so pretty...

Here’s the deal: You can make this one for under a dollar. Or Euro. Or Lira, whatever.
But it lacks of a few functions that one might evaluate as essential, such as internet connection, USB-ports, or in general... working.
Also, with 4.8", the display is a tad smaller than the original one.

Step 1: You Need

  • Paper: You could just use normal printing paper. But paper with about 160 g / m2 looks more professional. The great thing is, that the unevenness of the paper gives it the texture of brushed aluminum (So don’t think that my template is sloppy because it looks too slick).
  • Glue, scissors,.. And other optional crafting stuff, like tweezers, pins, mini scissors, cutter.
  • A printer
  • Cardboard (recommended)
  • Transparent Tape (recommended)
<p>Thnx! I'm making a minecraft room with my girldfriend and without this? I would never made it! I made it so freaking tiny... :| Stupid me... BUT WITH THIS I DID IT! THNX!</p>
Pretty cool
Cool! You could also make it so you could put an iPad or other tablet in it!
Really cool.. You might struggle with the stability, but that would be a great thing :)
What? The struggling with stability part or the concept? :P. You could just bend up a metal bookend for the base or something. Or 3D print some parts.
Yeah I thought that would be cool if you struggled, that is my sadistic vein ;)
That's a cool idea... i might just do that!
Alright! Keep me updated on how its going!
Very nice!
Wow... The Intro picture completely fooled me...
Wow, this is amazing! It would be fun to make a bigger version of it (as big as a real iMac) and see friends' faces when they see it! :D <br>Great job!

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