Introduction: Paper Mache Kero-chan

Picture of Paper Mache Kero-chan

The definitive instructable on how to turn 2 dimensional fantasy into 3 dimensional reality, or the manner in which a rabid fangirl devotes herself to a beloved anime.

Step 1: Fiddly Part Which Requires Copious Squinting and Use of Imagination

Picture of Fiddly Part Which Requires Copious Squinting and Use of Imagination

Toilet roll, egg carton, tea bag box and newspaper fused together with masking tape create a raw third dimensional impression of my picture book reference. This is sad that this is my only memorabilia of the anime series.

Step 2: The Mess, But Undeniably Satisfying Mess

Picture of The Mess, But Undeniably Satisfying Mess

Lovely, grimy, messy newspaper is coaxed into a mouldable medium through the magical qualities of a concoction comprised merely of flour and water.

Step 3: Rendering of Coat

Picture of Rendering of Coat

A soft paper towel finish makes Kero-chan look irresistibly cuddly.

Step 4: Plastering Stage

Picture of Plastering Stage

Liberally applied, a thick coat of white industrial house paint completes the form- don't underestimate cheap paint, says Jackson Pollock.

Step 5: Painting

Picture of Painting

My basic school bought acrylics...

Step 6: Pokemon Caught!

Picture of Pokemon Caught!

...and a generous dosing of gloss encase the creature in a sleep eternal.


Dusk Shadows (author)2012-07-18

OMG! So cute!

idontcare (author)2008-01-12

Isn't kero-chan golden yellow and his tail and wings white?

natalie0031 (author)idontcare2010-08-07

different pics are different colors

oliphant (author)idontcare2008-01-14

i did choose a warm yellow paint, rather than a cool yellow-- but also the light is a bit warm here too, so he looks a tad orange. his whole tail is white?

idontcare (author)oliphant2008-01-20

well, only the fluff on his tail is white.

mangadragon (author)2008-06-28

KAWAII! This is really creative and great job!

Anime_boy15 (author)2008-05-12

cool .. i guess but i hate that show , it wuz so boring!

nightninja87 (author)2007-11-09

did u use some type of gloss on it to make it shine?

oliphant (author)nightninja872007-11-09

Some type of wood varnish gloss I found in the garage~ but I guess you could just use glue.

boocat (author)2007-09-13

That is really amazing! Adorable. You have talent, dear.

Tvman (author)2007-08-15

ok im not usually into anime but this is cool! ive been wantin to make somthin like this from a creature in Spawn :)

oliphant (author)Tvman2007-08-16

hope this instructable will be helpful to your creative pursuits- then!

Tvman (author)oliphant2007-08-16

thanks :)

komies (author)2007-07-26

Nice instructable- very clear. But I think you mean "rabid fangirl", not "rapid". :)

oliphant (author)komies2007-07-27

haha thanks- it sounds the same in my head.

LasVegas (author)2007-07-26

Very nice job! Great Instructable!

schorhr (author)2007-07-26

Nice work!

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