Picture of VENDETTA mask - make it your own.
As you know, this mask has become the symbol of rebellion against globalization, banks and governments . It represents  the stylised person of Guy Fawkes, a member of the  Gunpowder Plot , who attempted  to blow up the English Palace of Westminster  in London in 1605.    
I reproduced a solid version using a paper model.
You can download the zipped file from HERE.
The site has a step by step sequences of well illustrated pictures on how to make it.
I'm not the author of the paper model. Credit to the author (I dunno who is he/she).

Once you have printed, and glued it, this becomes the base for your final mask.



Step 1: Materials.

Picture of Materials.
What you need :

-  Clear tape
-  White glue (PVA)
-  Kitchen or toilet paper
-  White flour (optional ) mixed with salt (you can find on the net different recipes for the mixture).
  -  Acrylic colors
HammE2 years ago
That's really cool! I'm gonna have to make it. I also like the movie V is for Vandetta, although I saw parts of it.
Very interesting. I loved the idea - in addition to being a job that helps de-stress. Thanks for the idea!
interesting. ive never seen paper mache done with paper towels before.

did you use 2 different models for the final product?
because on the last step the uncolored mask looks a lot more 3 dimensional than the finished and painted one.
Frankyfly (author)  TimTheScarecrow3 years ago
Tim, you are right !!
I added some crumpled paper for the eyebrows and the mustach for the unpainted one.
The base mold was the same for both masks.