As you know, this mask has become the symbol of rebellion against globalization, banks and governments . It represents  the stylised person of Guy Fawkes, a member of the  Gunpowder Plot , who attempted  to blow up the English Palace of Westminster  in London in 1605.    
I reproduced a solid version using a paper model.
You can download the zipped file from HERE.
The site has a step by step sequences of well illustrated pictures on how to make it.
I'm not the author of the paper model. Credit to the author (I dunno who is he/she).

Once you have printed, and glued it, this becomes the base for your final mask.



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Step 3: The mold.

Picture of The mold.
Before proceeding, put some crumpled paper underside the mask to give it some support, and fix it on a flat surface.

Now, mix the white glue with water to thin it. I found 50/50 is a good proportion.
Thorn the kitchen or toilet paper in short strips.
Wet the mask surface with the diluted glue and lay the paper on it and brush it. Cover all the surface, and repeat this step at least 3 or 4 times.
Let  each of the layer dry well.
HammE1 year ago
That's really cool! I'm gonna have to make it. I also like the movie V is for Vandetta, although I saw parts of it.
Very interesting. I loved the idea - in addition to being a job that helps de-stress. Thanks for the idea!
interesting. ive never seen paper mache done with paper towels before.

did you use 2 different models for the final product?
because on the last step the uncolored mask looks a lot more 3 dimensional than the finished and painted one.
Frankyfly (author)  TimTheScarecrow2 years ago
Tim, you are right !!
I added some crumpled paper for the eyebrows and the mustach for the unpainted one.
The base mold was the same for both masks.