Step 5: Hardening Your Mask.

Now you have to find a good recipes for the final covering.
I used raw white flour (1 cup) mixed with the previous 50/50 PVA glue (1 cup). It's important to add some kitchen salt as a fungicide to prevent mould developement.

Brush it over the mask 2-3 times.
Let it dry well , and you have done it.
interesting. ive never seen paper mache done with paper towels before.<br><br>did you use 2 different models for the final product?<br>because on the last step the uncolored mask looks a lot more 3 dimensional than the finished and painted one.
Tim, you are right !!<br>I added some crumpled paper for the eyebrows and the mustach for the unpainted one.<br>The base mold was the same for both masks.<br>Cheers.<br>Franky
<p>Could You add that to the instructions? </p>
That's really cool! I'm gonna have to make it. I also like the movie V is for Vandetta, although I saw parts of it.
Very interesting. I loved the idea - in addition to being a job that helps de-stress. Thanks for the idea!

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