Picture of Paper-mache clock face

Ordinary clocks can be incredibly boring, so here's an easy way to make an interesting time piece.
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Step 1: Gather supplies

Picture of Gather supplies

You’ll need:

A clock motor set - made for a 1/4 inch clock face

A sheet of cardboard 1/8 inch thick


Exacto knife

Pattern paper

Masking tape


Acrylic Paint



One AA battery

Step 2: Make the pattern

Picture of Make the pattern

An easy way to make a circle is to trace the circumference of a large lid or bowl – I used an 8 ½ inch lid. Trace the lid onto a sheet of paper for the pattern. The paper pattern can be folded and treated like you would a piece of paper when making a paper snowflake, but the pattern doesn’t always turn out exact due to the layers of paper. A more precise way is to cut out the desired shape from a piece of scrap paper and trace it on the exact spots needed on the pattern.  Mark out a center hole for the thread of the clock movement. Then cut out the interior shapes.

Step 3: Cutting out the clock face

Picture of Cutting out the clock face

The clock face will actually be made out of two layers of cardboard. As with the pattern, merely trace the lid onto the cardboard two times. Using an Exacto knife, carefully cut out both circles. Make sure to place something under the cardboard to protect the surface you are working on.

Tape the pattern to one of the circles and trace the interior shapes onto the cardboard. Make sure to mark the center point as well.  Then, cut out the shapes with the Exacto knife.

Cute. I like it!
agis683 years ago
I like it...pretty cool
ChrysN3 years ago
Great looking clock, I like your choice of colours.
Creativeman3 years ago