Picture of Paper mache shark!!
Hello this is a shark that I made back in the 4th grade for a project (I was going for overkill and I definitely achieved it). It is paper mache over a base of Styrofoam cYlinders and flat pieces like you can find at any arts and crafts store. It consists of 3 large cylinders of Styrofoam (2 for the body and 1 for the tail) 1 small cylinder for the nose and approximately 1 square yard of regular foam for the mouth, fins, dorsal fin, and the back of the tail. To give you a better idea on the size of the beast I have an arm span of roughly 6 feet. I also used some plain old construction paper for the teeth as you can see in the pictures. The fins aren't too straight, but, it's still a great project to do and impress your teachers with your skill. Oh, and I almost forgot you'll need a LOT of paper mache I used several newspapers overall and something like the immeasurable power of duct tape to hold it all together. And when it is all said and done you can hand it up on a wall somewhere and take pride in what you have accomplished. If your still not sold on the idea of making it not to worry it only took my dad and I an afternoon to build and it has lasted longer than our refrigerator has;).
Beautiful job on this shark! Congratulations!!
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