Picture of Paper picture lamp

Hi there,

Glad to finally be at the point where I somewhat took photos of process and am ready to make my first instructable! :)

As you can guess from the picture - the instructable will be for making your very own battery powered paper lamp, which, in my configuration is battery powered with LED as light source.

There are no real requirements for tools or skills as long as you have some patience and can gather the needed electrical components.

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Step 1: What's needed and recommended

Picture of What's needed and recommended

The components you will need are:
Sheet of paper with a print of your choice (you can draw on a blank one too if want to!)
A single 9V battery
A socket for that battery
LED strip (I used 10cm of 4,8W strip)
Several single LEDs (not sure about power, 6mm diameter, actually optional)
Block of wood to stick them all on
Glue (for paper)
Switch (used the tiniest tumbler I could get, but it doesn't really matter)
Some thin wires

Tools recommended:
Scissors/X-Acto knife for trimming paper if needed
Insulation tape
A solder iron
Hot glue gun
Something to strip wires with
Dremel tool/Router/Whatever gets the wood job done
Shrink tubing & a heat source
A cup of tea