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This a very easy paper areplane. It uses a delt LEX wing, and is very fast, be careful and fold with very much pesition the paper so that is perfect.

Step 1: You Will Need...

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all this things:


Step 2: Step1

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Fold the paper by the middle of the narrow part.

Step 3: Step2

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Fold the corners as in the image:

Step 4: Step3

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measure 1cm. from the bottom and fold the nose in that direction until the mark:

Step 5: Step4

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Open it:

Step 6: Step5

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Draw a central line from the nose to the bottom. Then make a mark at 12cm. from the bottom, and fold the bottom over it.

Step 7: Step6

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Tipe it.

Step 8: Step7

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Fold it like in the image:

Now measure 4cm. from the bottom and fold the wing.

Step 9: Step7

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Measure 3cm. from the down part and fold the pale, cut the timon in the bottom and the tablets; it should look like this:


danceworkshop_3 (author)2013-11-16

Wow this actually works noce job

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