Paper Rings That You Can Actually Use Everyday





Introduction: Paper Rings That You Can Actually Use Everyday

Paper rings are a perfect way to show your craftiness, your creativity and your ecological sense if you have any. They will surely be a conversation starter at least once and the good thing about them is that they don't look like a middle school craft project even if they are that simple to make.

Step 1: What You'll Need

You probably have most of this things already laying around your house, you'll need:

Paper, can come from a book, a magazine, a newspaper, a craft shop doesn't matter as long as you like it, some of it can be colored if you want to add color to your ring.

Glue, as long as it dries clear it's good, white school glue will do very well

Sand paper, it will make your ring smooth and even, you will only need it by the end


Exacto knife

A little brush to apply glue


Varnish or Nail polish ( I didn't put it on the image sorry.)

Step 2: Design Your Ring

Start by tracing a circle of the circumference of your finger, you can use a ring that fits you well as a reference it doesn't have to be exact since you'll sand it down later. Then around it, trace the shape you'd like. Making a lot of details it's prettier but it's also a LOT of work so you can start by making a simple one just round or square with not a lot of details. my first one was just ring shaped without anything else on top so use your imagination until you think of something you'd like.

Step 3: Start Cutting, This Is the Long Part

Once you're happy with your design cut it to have a stencil for the other pieces of paper you'll have to make.

This step is long and tiring and if your ring is complicated it will be even longer but have patience the end result will be nice.

If you're lucky and you own a hole punch the size of your finger use it to cut the circle in the middle, this will save you lots of time since you can cut the outside part with scissors.

Keep doing the same thing until you have enough pieces that can pile up to make the approximate thickness of your ring.

Step 4: Time to Glue !

All your pieces are cut, now it's time to pile and glue, apply an even thin layer of glue then one more paper and continue doing so until you're done. By the end you'll have an pile of wet glue paper so try to not moving it a lot. and let it dry, around 24 hours should do. You can feel tempted at this step to just hurry but letting it dry completely is very important, also do not put it in the microwave, it's not only unsafe but it makes the paper burn and turn brown in the middle.

Step 5: Sand and Varnish

Your ring is dry, you can now sand it, use your sand paper to make it all smooth and even , if some parts remain uneven do not worry too much since they can be filled with the varnish but try to make it as smooth as possible.

Then coat it with varnish, if you have some fancy kind that i don't know about feel free to use it but I used nail polish, it dries quick and it lasts a long time. Don't put any varnish in the inner part of the ring since it will feel sticky against your finger even when it's dry.

Step 6: All Done

And voila, your ring is done, let the varnish dry and show it off to the world. I did a smaller ring this time since I wanted to finish the instructable quickly.

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holy Moses, you really do love that!

I will try to make one of these

Great tutorial! Thanks! Do you think this could be done with index cards? I've been looking for something to do with a big stack of them and this really jumped out at me. I've never been one to cut up books, and I thought if it would work index cards would be a good substitute. What do you think?

Diferente e criativo!

Worked like a charm

This is a neat idea and loosk pretry easy to make but I would like to maybe see a picture of the finished product being worn at the end? Just to give an idea of what it actually looks like on someone's finger.

1 reply

Love it! I am going to cheat and use my paper die cut machine and modge podge. :)

wow!!!! voted

good one :D maybe to be quicker you could use cardboard for the thickness

1 reply

If you use corrigated you can forge gorilla glue up the flutes then laminate them all together using gorilla glue (or any polyester glue), allow to set up and sand down after 3 hour dry time. GG says it is a 3 hour set time so if you let it sit over night it is better. You will have a very stiff hard ring. If you use this method do at least two layers and mae them 90 degrees to each other and if you do 4 layers make the layers axis at 45 degree off-sets.

Also, if you think about it check to see if your paper tears cleanly in 1 direction. Here again alternate it so the tear line is at least 90 degrees layer to layer. (news print here in NY area seems to, while printer paper do not)

If you would have a lasercutter in the neighborhood, the cutting process will be much quicker ;-)

Nice instructable !

1 reply

I would defenetly use one if I could, it would save up so much time.

They are not something I would like to mass produce, I prefer each one of them to be unique. It can be tedious but I think it's worth it.

I know you said the ring drys about 24 hours. Other than that part, how long did you feel it took you to cut and paste the ring together?

1 reply

Cutting took me around 3 hours but i wasnt focused on it, I did it while watching some things on netflix. Pasting it together took me around 20 minutes.