Introduction: Paper Saves Hands

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This will help the user to carry lots of plastic bags an not hurt their hands.

Step 1: Fill'em Up!

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Fill lots of plastic bags with much needed goods and such.

Step 2: Grab It Up.

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Insert folded paper (ie. coupon books, sale circulars) through the many handles of the bags (I find that L magazine works best {in NYC})

Step 3: Grab Hold!

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Grip the paper, and mash it up a bit to form a handle. There you go, now you can say goobye to those painful red hands forever!

An alternative is to simply bring along your own reusable bag.


Dash-2 (author)2006-08-17

Or, uh, use paper?

mylescloutier (author)Dash-22007-01-09

I've never had the choice of paper or plastic in Canada, always plastic. But I use re-usable bags now anyway.

blodefood (author)mylescloutier2012-02-19

A few specialty shops or local family run shops offer paper bags. A little bulk/health food store in east end Toronto offers paper bags. (You can get milk in glass bottles there, too!)

SGutshall (author)Dash-22006-08-17

Or, uh, what if the store doesn't offer a choice? Anyway, good tip, but i like the pictures better :P

Killa-X (author)2007-05-09

I use paper. Never hurts my hands at all.

FrenchCrawler (author)2006-08-19

I've got a better solution (haven't actually done it, but it just came to me). Get yourself two 1 inch (circum.) dowels (cut them according to your hand size, about 5 or 6 inches long). Drill a hole through the middle of both. Cut a wire coat hanger to somewhere around 10 or 11 inches (remember, I'm just guessing cause I know this'll work, but haven't done it) and thread about 3 inches through both of the dowels. Now you should have something like this: ---|---|--- Now wrap or coil the 3 inches around the dowels on both ends: |---| Finally take some electricians' tape and wrap both dowels up until you have excellent handles. Put all the grocery bag handles on the wire and lift them up by picking both handles up (you could even make it if you have some strong string instead of the wire, this would make carrying them in your pocket easier). Get creative and perhaps improve the design. If you feel like posting an instructable after this, go ahead, just don't forget to mention me ;)

Aha, now I've done it, come and see:

a-sam (author)2006-08-17

nice pics...especially the smurfette ;) lol

Murf (author)a-sam2006-08-18

And if that picture of smurfette turn you on... well... you may want to get that checked out... *shudders*

Murf (author)a-sam2006-08-18

You may find them funny, but why are they there... In fact, why is this instructable even here.

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