Paper Shot Gun





Introduction: Paper Shot Gun

this is my new paper shot gun and yea this is my new best and powerfull gun it shoots a MINIMUM of 10 feets to a max of 27!!! in the pic i am aiming on a little sheet of paper and i almost got a bullseye off 15 feet thats how powerfull and accurate this gun is !i!i!i!



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    um mm by making them... click on my name i showed a couple of tutorials on them

    no totorial for this one, its too simple, I can even tell you rite now how to make it, Make 2 tubes on on top of the other, rap around these 2 tubes a paper and put a handle tada you are finish.

    Actually no it when't true, the bullet is very sharp and this gun is a old paper gun model, making it my strongest paper gun.

    for my pump? erm no. that gun is to hard to make and would be impossible to explain.

    You know what... this instructable BLOWS!!! (Hahaha couldn't resist the pun)