Introduction: Paper Shotgun

This is one of the many paper guns that I have made.
Please enjoy!!!

Step 1: What You Need

What you need is a lot of paper, scissors, and lots of tape.

Step 2: Make the Barrel

Tape two pieces of paper together and roll a big tube like in the picture. Remember to tape everything. Then make another one of those tubes just like the first one. Tape the two together.

Step 3: This Thing Will Hold the Handle in Place

Basically roll a tube long ways and about the same size as the barrel. Cut the tube in half. Tape them together then tape it to almost the end but not quite. Just do it like the picture shows.

Step 4: The Handle

Roll a piece of paper long ways then cut it in half. Tape the two halfs together then tape them at an angle on where the thing that holds the handle meets the barrel. The picture explains it better. Tape every thing down snugly.

Step 5: Make the Scope

To make the scope roll a piece of paper short ways then tape it. Cut it in half then tape them together. Tape the finished scope to the end of the gun like the picture.

Step 6: Finished Product

The final product is great. If you want to learn how tomake bullets search paper gun bullet on instructables. please,please I need some popularity leave a comment!!!


xXMasterGodXx made it!(author)2015-10-18

Nice, can anyone check my gun out? Thanks

yapoyo made it!(author)2011-06-12

dude that's sick

yapoyo made it!(author)2011-02-12


leoishungry made it!(author)2011-01-17

Check out my paper guns

shinimagislayer1 made it!(author)2009-05-07

how to shoot

Paperworker99 made it!(author)2009-05-07

all you do is put your mouth on it and blow

BlueX273 made it!(author)2010-11-13

Dude, that's a blow gun, not a shotgun by technical terms. Nice little play thing though =D

PieMaster777 made it!(author)2009-08-22

LMFAO I know wat u ment but still!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paperworker99 made it!(author)2009-10-08

well its common sense

PieMaster777 made it!(author)2009-10-30

It was a joke, also i changed my name to piemaster777

Jautsipau made it!(author)2009-10-23

Did you see that those two guys aren't the same. PieMaster777 is trollin'

minichristian123 made it!(author)2009-07-08

It's not amazing but its good and cool

bunny41 made it!(author)2009-05-04

how do you make it a scatter shot

Paperworker99 made it!(author)2009-05-05


Paperworker99 made it!(author)2009-05-03

well maby we had the same ideas!!!

Undermig made it!(author)2009-05-03

Um yea... no this gun was copy in a other site i made 1 exactly like that just shorter but still now ppl of this site cann see how its made. _--_--_

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