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Make yourself a side table using paper!

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I used an old book for this. Cut off the pages and make them into strips.

Step 2:

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Roll the strips, so as to form a circle made of them. I did mine about 20cm in diameter. Hot glue it to a tray and the top of the table is ready.

Step 3:

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Cut the leaves into four pieces and start making strips again to use for the table base.

Step 4:

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And now the tricky part. I made small triangles for the base of my table. You can make circles as an alternative! Here we go...count the perimeter of the circle and divide it by 10( i used 20 triangles, alternating them up and down). I made each triangle side 4.9 cm, calculating that their top would occupy some space to their joinings. So...if you want to try that and want 20 triangles, like i did, divide your perimeter by 10 and add a little something to your result for the place each triangle meets another. Sorry if this sounds complicated! (To be honest maths and i don't get along, my other half did the calculations!). I started adding rows until i reached the desired height! As you add rows you must careful to make a straight column, mine isn't that much !Never mind though!

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Spray paint it any color you like and your unique furniture is ready! . 


macrumpton (author)2012-07-08

This looks pretty cool. It would be nice if there was a little more detail on construction details. Also if you make the points of the triangles meet each other instead of having points meet the flat triangle bases it would make it a lot stronger.

bisozozo (author)macrumpton2012-07-08

i know that my instructions are not very clear. i am not quiet sure of how to describe it ( English is not my native language ). I have not thought of the version you mention! maybe i will try it if make another one! thank you.

macrumpton (author)bisozozo2012-07-10

Just to make it clearer what I am suggesting I am adding a sketch.

jennybotha (author)macrumpton2012-12-11

Love this so much---Not too sure if it would really work !!! Also have NO clue about the "maths" instructions. Think I should show this one to my grandson

bisozozo (author)macrumpton2012-07-11

thank you very much for this. i started the table as a garbage can and on the way decided to flip it over! thanks again!

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