Picture of Paper towel holder (wall-mounted)
I spent a whole half-day looking for a paper towel holder. Now, that's sad!  Even sadder, I couldn't find anything (except for a $45 item, which, at that price,  I wouldn't even consider). Of course I'm aware of other instructables. Bungee cord holders? Great, but I wanted something more... elegant. Here's my solution (Note that it's constructed for just one particular length - but if you're happy with the brand/ length ...)

Step 1: Required materials

Picture of Required materials

You'll need (from left to right) :
1. Two 'cup'  screws
2. Two (or three) 'eye' screws
3. Two 'S' hooks
(and, at bottom)
4. A length of 'expanding' or 'net' curtain wire
fernsandfoxes4 months ago

This is brilliant, thanks for the idea!

lemonie4 years ago

Nice little job.