PaperCraft Christmas Tree





Introduction: PaperCraft Christmas Tree

How to make a simple paper Christmas tree.

Requires paper and scissors. Rocks optional.

Step 1: Square

If your paper isn't already in a square, make it into one.

Step 2: Fold

Fold your tree-to-be triangularly three times, as in the first picture. Without unfolding, fold it again as in the second picture. When you unfold, your square should be divided by 8 (16) radial creases.

Step 3: Corners

Fold in the corners. Fold them in just far enough that the beginning and end of the new crease begins and ends on two other creases, as in the picture.

Step 4: ZigZag

Fold along all of your radial creases, alternating between folding in and folding out.

Step 5: Slice & Fold

Make a few cuts on each vertical triangle of the tree. Fold down from the top of each cut so that the fold makes a triangle.

Once you've cut and folded each vertical triangle, you're done! Wrapping yarn around the tree makes great garlands, for that extra touch.



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i did the stuff and itt worked!!!!!

cool i love this decoration!

My tree came out great the first try and the base is perfectt!!! Thanks for this.....

Um..... I like this, but I feel it was not thoroughly described. Could you please be a little more descriptive? (:

Their is a another version that is imilar to this one at: it is pretty much the same thing except it has better pictures and the folding is a little bit different.

Great job, here is what I have done.

02 copy.png

It'd be great if someone made a video of how to do Step 2 or provided a lot of pictures.  I just played with folding it different ways until it looked like the picture in Step 3.  Now I can make a Christmas tree for my apartment next year:)  I also think it could be made into a pop-up greeting card.

Photo 315.jpg