Picture of Paper Airplane: HAWK v.1
This plane is not what it seems. Sure, it is a lightweight speedy flier, but it is also a very good glider. I accomplished this through many tests and intricate folds. Hope you enjoy. (EDIT): This is actually my most versatile airplane, I have found through many tests. It can operate faster than the BAT x.1 - x.4, and can operate under slower speeds than my biggest plane, The Albatross g1.

Materials: Printout of design (below, .pdf)
For the Instructable, the .pdf is what I am using

I also have the Photoshop file if you want to make your own design, just send them to me, I will put them on this Instructable, and you will be credited for the design.
hawk004-logo.pdf(529x783) 374 KB
hawk004-logo.psd(1102x1632) 365 KB
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Step 1: Making the body

Follow the pictures. This part can get a little confusing depending on what your printers margins are.

Step 2: Making the wings

Follow the pictures.

IMPORTANT INFO: In the last picture, the wing trick you can try is only if you want the plane to be a glider instead of a speed plane. If you want it for speed, don't do the last step.

NEXT PLANE: My biggest plane, it is a glider/med-fast speed flier. Its name is the Albatross g1.

If you are interested, you can collaborate with me to make the next generation of this plane. If you want to, I will check the planes you have made and decide wether or not to let you help me. If you are selected, you will be credited in the Instructable for the HAWK v.2.
copyright9 (author) 6 years ago
UPDATE FOR MY AIRPLANES: I've spent the last few months coming up with some designs that are pretty good, and i'll be posting some of them. The rest will be on my website once I start working on that (when and if i get some down time) stay tuned for that.
bobboy4236 years ago
Wow, I was impressed with the bat, but this one is great. Plus, the print out makes it pretty darn easy.