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Introduction: Paper Airplane: the BAT X.3

About: I am a trumpet player in the Beavercreek Marching Band & Color Guard. I work with computers a lot and make many paper airplanes in my spare time.

This plane is one of the best planes I have ever made. It has its own unique design and overall look and appeal. It is both a glider and faster flier, depending on how well you make it.

WARNING: All of your folds for this plane must be precise and dead- on or else the plane won't fly right.

MATERIALS: 1 college ruled sheet of notebook paper (I use the lines to show exactly where to fold).

Step 1: Making the Base

Alright for this step, you must make a basic x-crease glider base. If you do not know how to do that, all the steps are below.

Step 2: The 'ears'

This step will show you how to make the most distinguishable feature on the plane that sets it apart, the so-called 'ears' (yes, the ears are why its called the bat).

Step 3: The Body

Here is the finishing steps to folding the bat. These must be folded precisely, like all other folds, to work right.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Alright, just follow the pictures.

THROWING INSTRUCTIONS: If you want it to go fast, you just throw it hard, if you want it to glide, throw it softer at a slight upward angle. It can also be thrown by holding it in place *1 in the pic.

Upcoming Instructables of mine:
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BAT x.2 (final)
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HAWK v.1 (just a few kinks to work out)



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    i made and forged the bat X.3 i ment the wrighting

    UPDATE FOR MY AIRPLANES: I've spent the last few months coming up with some designs that are pretty good, and i'll be posting some of them. The rest will be on my website once I start working on that (when and if i get some down time) stay tuned for that.

    mine did a deadly nose dive down a cliff

    1 reply

    lawl, mine do that sometimes idk why, sometimes it'll just happen for no apparent reason

    cool logo i'd name it something complicated like 5i.9x some weird BMW-style name

    1 reply

    lol well, when I make a plane I just name it after how it looks or flys but I did think about overcomplicating the name, but I decided against it

    WOW this baby is so good it glides so well that i want to use it for my science project

    OMG, this was tricky to get right, but in the end, it is a great glider once you tweak some stuff.

    That looks.. wrong, somehow. Those ears look like the whole thing should nose-dive.

    Yet, it works (I just tried).

    OK, it's not the best I've come across, but that's personal taste (I prefer gliders).