Hello, in this instructable, I will be showing you how to make a regular paperclip into an antenna.


One Paperclip

Step 1: Bending

First, take your paperclip, then bend as seen in the pictures above(bend into an L shape). Once your done, plug the bent paperclip into the middle of your TV antenna cable* male plug.

*See pictures

Step 2: Put a Done Stamp on It

You're done! please vote, comment, and favorite!

<p>It has as all cchannels,.,(k.)</p>
Does it work?
<p>Click show all 7 items you should see a blury picture lol</p>
didn't get the photo where the antenna is to be inserted
<p>I'm a master paperclip bender :)</p>
<p>you're welcome!</p>
<p>Will try, thanks</p>

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