This is my first Instructable so please, not too much criticism.

Welcome to Paper Clip Archery 101.

School classes boring you? Why not make a Paper Clip Bow and Arrow set! Easily adaptable depending on the amount of pain you wish to inflict and the final result is very discreet for most school environments (and even offices like I currently use mine in).

In this guide I'll show and explain to you how to make the basic design and ammo, modifications for levels of sting, and various of the design. I'm making it out to be way more complicated than it is, it's just a Elastic Bow and Arrow / Crossbow Set :P

PLEASE NOTE: Images will be posted to accompany this Instructable in the next 24 hours.

Step 1: Requirements

You will need:

1 x Elastic Band
1 x 30cm/12" Ruler
1 x Roll of Transparent Cellotape
1 x Box of Paperclips
1 x Pair of Plyers
<p>Love it! Cant wait to try it out!</p>
Pics pls
Good but more pics please
Could you please add some pics? It's hard to get it.
you missed B 0_o
isn't it: eh? oh well just wondered
&nbsp;Can you please add some more picture to the instructionss?<br />
4 years later I see no other pics. i get it, but there are other ways to make a weapon of a covert war.&nbsp;
pics plz
add some pics
It sounds really cool but it is hard to understand without the pictures, please add some more. =)<br/>
Two years and no pics.
More pics are needed.
what he said
add more pictures. it's hard to understand. It sounds like a great invention though! I want to make one.
This is a cool idea , But over <strong>10,800</strong> Hours have past and i still see no pictures , what happened ?<br/>
dude some times people get busy
how do u get the pic/icon next 2 your name on the comment??? im new please help
just have fun don't let mean people bother u and every one mellow out and be<br/><em><strong>NICE</strong></em><br/>
How many people do we need to tell us how to shoot something using a rubber band? A monkey could have figured half of these out.
this is probabably the simplest instructable i have ever seen but i think its a great idea and use of supplies. but i started paper "wasp" and mecanical pencil guns "fights" at my school so its hard to have rubber bands because if a teacher sees you with a rubber band she/he will take it away and if they see you shooting stuff with them they will send you to iss. this a great idea because it is very stealthy to do as long as its your ruler and paperclilps. so i think this is cool. :) (sorry about the lenght of this reply i couldnt think of a way to say that summarized) oh and if you people could please stop talking about the spelling and other stuff and talk about the thing you accually make.
jeez. its just a stressed person, a crossbow, and a few typos. chill out. you guys are starting a critisizm/insult war and honestly, it hasnt helped anyone. but i do have to say that your frustration, christov, shouldnt be taken out on your commentors. and commentors, give the dude a break. make it constructive critisizm. so can we call it a truce. (i know you are thinking "chuck norris and truce go together like alcohol and chlorine" but isnt this website part showing off your intellegence, part learning, and part meeting people who either teach or learn and at the same time meet a new aquaintance?) ((by the way i am obviously not the real chuck norris. i just think the name is fun to have.))
dude... pics, please, good idea and keep the instructables coming (if theyre good). but you need to learn how to take the criticism, not everything is a personal attac toward you. and saying "dumbfuck" is unnescesary (srry bout sp, little time on comp left)
My apologies people, I was having a seriously bad day. I'm sorry.
regikunster, I would highly suggest for you to go back into a typing class. You are criticism, but then take a brief look at you. It appears that is your first time using a computer keyboard in your life. Capital letters don't get the message out, in fact, it takes more time for the human mind to read in all caps, than it is varied. Multiple question marks make you sound like a babbling ten year old child. Also, spelling in complete sentences won't kill you. In fact, to type this all up took up an entire 2 minutes of my life, including a 30 second quick check. Now Christovj, I like it so far (only up about half way). It sounds pretty interesting, and come on with the pictures :D.
the only hostile one here seems to be you. so what if it's your first your posting on a borad that can be viewed all over the world expect to get flamed and just live with it.

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