Picture of Paperclip Archery
This is my first Instructable so please, not too much criticism.

Welcome to Paper Clip Archery 101.

School classes boring you? Why not make a Paper Clip Bow and Arrow set! Easily adaptable depending on the amount of pain you wish to inflict and the final result is very discreet for most school environments (and even offices like I currently use mine in).

In this guide I'll show and explain to you how to make the basic design and ammo, modifications for levels of sting, and various of the design. I'm making it out to be way more complicated than it is, it's just a Elastic Bow and Arrow / Crossbow Set :P

PLEASE NOTE: Images will be posted to accompany this Instructable in the next 24 hours.
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Step 1: Requirements

Picture of Requirements
You will need:

1 x Elastic Band
1 x 30cm/12" Ruler
1 x Roll of Transparent Cellotape
1 x Box of Paperclips
1 x Pair of Plyers

Step 2: Making the Ammo

To make your ammo, take a paperclip from the box and unfold it so its a long piece of metal with the hook at the end. Use the flat part of the plyers (most likely the tip) to straighten out the length as much as possible, it helps with the dynamics and looks good.
For variations see The Variations section.

Step 3: Making the Bow

To make the bow, simply take your 30cm ruler and stretch the elastic band from one end to the other. For a classroom environment you dont really want to be causing real harm, so I'd suggest using an elastic band thats roughly 10-15cm long when laid flat. This is to reduce the amount of 'twang' noise that you get and to reduce the zipping noise that some paperclip designs make whilst they are travelling through the air.
For variations see The Variations section.
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Pics pls
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Good but more pics please
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Could you please add some pics? It's hard to get it.
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 Can you please add some more picture to the instructionss?
4 years later I see no other pics. i get it, but there are other ways to make a weapon of a covert war. 
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pics plz
add some pics
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It sounds really cool but it is hard to understand without the pictures, please add some more. =)
Two years and no pics.
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dude, not everybody has acses to this stuff like plyers during school
lol and how would one be reading this at school?
i wasnt, they said that you could make this at school
you could just make a pile of paperclips at home and bring them to school lol, not too hard to figure out
ummmmmm i have one class i have acses to paper clips and thats only sometimes
u spelled accesswrong.
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dont worry about christov, people are assholes, especially on the internet because (as peter steiner said for the paper"The New Yorker") "On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog". if you get the metaphor, youll feel alot better.
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More pics are needed.
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