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Introduction: Paperclip Binder Ring Type Thing

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Okay then. The Paperclip Binder Ring Type thing was invented in Health class about a week ago. I had a bunch o' notebook papers with notes on them sprawled out all over my desk, and I needed them together so I wouldn't lose them, thus, the Paperclip Binder Ring Type Thing was born...

*sorry about the crappy photos, taken by a webcam...

Step 1: Things You Need

*Just a paperclip (size only matters on the amount of paper that your holding.)

*Pliers can be used to make the paperclip more round, or to make smaller loops. But I don't think a lot of people carry pliers to school and don't get caught. :)

Step 2: Bending

Now you have to bend your paperclip as straight as you can get it.

Step 3: Bending

Now loop one end of the paperclip like it is shown in the picture. *I used a smaller loop for this clip because I had a pair of pliers at hand.

Step 4: Bending

Now bend the other end of the paperclip like shown, BUT this time bend it 90 degrees to the left/right.

Step 5: Bend It.

Now bend it in a curved angle.

Step 6: Keep Bending!

Keep bending until you get a circular shaped ring. *I did this by hand, not by pliers.

Step 7: Hooking

To hook each end to each other, simply hook it! take each end and connect them together. Simple eh?

Step 8: Finished!

Your Paperclip Binder Ring Type Thing is now complete, and is ready to hold your notebook papers/notes.



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    this is litterally the best invention of this centu

    I've been breaking my brain over a 'openable' binderlike system for a project of mine without having to wreck an actual binder. This is so simple it's genius ;). And I can cut it to size!

    Tip: if you have an old piece of electrical wire or 'Scoubidou string', you can slip the plastic tube (sorry, not native English, but I hope you know what I mean) over the paperclipwire to make it more sturdy, pretty and decrease chance of scratching yourself.

    Thats AWESOME!!! You can hold TONS of stuff together but it needs to be a strong paper clip. Thanks for posting!

    I take pliers to school...the needle nose and cutting type

    1 reply

    lucky....Gosh, we can't even bring our own scissors(the pointy kind) to school, if we do, we'll get suspended. Its no fun at all. :P

    haha, thanks to everybody. I DO believe we have forgotten what the paperclip was intended for. :)

    "*sorry about the crappy photos, taken by a webcam..."

    That's a real Hoboman for you... :P

    Just kidding.

    Hahaha...have we forgotten what the PAPER CLIP was initially intended for?

    1 reply

    Plain 'ol paperclip ain't gonna hold no ream o' paper like that there.

    I like the idea, it is simple because it can be made "in the field." Nice job.