Paperclip Bow and Q-Tip Arrows





Introduction: Paperclip Bow and Q-Tip Arrows

Making a bow and arrow with a couple of paperclips, tape, and a rubber band. Get ready to fire off some Q-Tips.

From the bottle-smashing mind of Jesse Hensel.

Thanks to all the kids at Zeum for making these.



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    i'm totally doing this later

    hey I know a other way to make a bow and arrow with 1 plain bic pen and sisors if you want to know reply.

    the stuff u need is one rubber band, bic pen and sissors. first you need to make shure that the pen has a back that can be taken off and then you need to make shure it has a front bit that can be tooken off. now take apart then pen get rid of the back end but keep the rest. get the sissors and drill a hole in the middle of the pen. make sure the pen has this piece. now pop it into the hole in the middle. now make little notches in the top and bottem then put the rubber band in the noches. now get the ink thingie load it in the big end of the barrel and FIRE!!!. and by the way if you don't have top thing then get a piece of wood about the size of the hole and drill the insides out.


    Im going to post a project involving this, is it okay if I mention that I tokk half of it from this ible?


    lol JK great job.

    What kind of tape should you use

    i used electrical tape

    one question....would i be able to make this at say,idunno,school

    Depends... Do you have tape, paperclips, and a rubber band?