Picture of Paperclip Catapult

Im pretty good at workig with office supplies, I would go so far as to call myself a office supply ninja, and im good at thinking through mechcanical devices too. (not such a good speller though, for all those grammar nazis out there if you see something wrong... just comment down bellow  I'll fix it... actually please do) and I get kinda bored in school...anyway here is a new design for a catapult. (BTW sorry about some of the poor quality my normal camera isn't playing nice)

Heres what your gonna need:
- 2 paper clips
-paper square( depending on size you can just use Sticky notes)
-pliers or strong thumbs

Step 1: Bending the paperclips tp the right shape

Picture of Bending the paperclips tp the right shape
There are alot of steps too this and it may get confusing... if you have any questions just post them bellow and ill get to them as soon as I can
  1. Straitin out one of the paper clips compleatly, then forget about it for a while
  2. Take on whole paper clip unchanged and bend it too the next set of photos and follow them as best as you can and fiddle withh it a bit to get it how you want it.
  3. get the peice you forgot about and follow the pictures.  
PHEONIXFOX245 months ago
sweet!! I like paperclip things. LOL check out the TRING I made on instructables (yes all caps)
boom man563 years ago
i like it but i cant see the pics
or_ford983 years ago
box in a box.....= BOX-CEPTION (sorry i really had to mention that)