Paperclip Crossbow


Introduction: Paperclip Crossbow

About: I'm a musician, maker, wannabe YouTuber, introvert, and above all a crazy cat guy.

This is another fun and easy office supply weapon. The picture should be self-explanatory. Subscribe to my channel for more office supply weapons and other cool projects!

Warning: The spring can fire the ink cartridge quite powerfully. Do not shoot this at people.



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    this is more of a bow than a crossbow

    how is it a crossbow?

    please tell me how you did it because i dont understand.
    Bytheway i like chickpeas :)

    I don't fully understand your comment. Will you please explain?

    There's actually nothing important blocked by my finger. To fire, you pull back on the ink cartridge and let go.

    Why don't you explain how to build it? Your finger is in the way.