Picture of Paperclip Figure
Little Paperclip Man Body
Little Paperclip Man Head and arms.
Little Paperclip Man Legs
Here is a little paperclip man I made. You don't have to make a man...it could be a girl too.

I only used:
-paperclips (obviously)
-scissors (to cut the straws)
-tape (for his feet)

Needle-nosed pliers

icedog5157 years ago
i made a super-improved version of this guy. his body parts are in a way, wrapped in paper. i found this helpful to reduce 'paperclip jams'
summit (author)  icedog5157 years ago
Cool!!! Could you post a pic?
here he is. i think he would be usefull for stop-animation and stuff when on a table. his arms and legs are 2 paperclips wrapped in paper. i just taped his head to his torso _. hes holding a sword-pencil.
The camera 002.jpg
summit (author)  icedog5157 years ago
That's really cool!!! It would be great to use for stop-animation stuff.Nice sword pencil!
thanks you _
could you tell us how to make him?
sonic555757 years ago
the iron giant!
icedog5157 years ago
lol u throw him across the room..
summit (author)  icedog5157 years ago
Then someone yells out, "Did this guy fall out of the sky!!!"
Hahaha, that's cool! Nice job, might do this when bored in class. Then you throw him across the room! Geronimo!!!!
clank11087 years ago