Introduction: Paperclip RC Car Body Clips

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Quick simple body clips for your RC Hobby Car. These are useful when you've lost yours or in my case the guy i bought the car off didn't give them to me... or in general just don't have them.

Or you could make them just cuz u feel like it? Whatever your reason, here it is. : D

(BTW First i'ble)

Step 1: Supplies and Equipment

Picture of Supplies and Equipment

You'll need:
Needle Nose Pliers (normal pliers would work as well but it'd be harder to maneuver)

Sharpies *You could use any permanent marker but then they wouldn't be as cool |:
Felt Tip Pen
A clean workspace

Step 2: Find Yourself Some PAPERCLIPS

Picture of Find Yourself Some PAPERCLIPS

Okay, there isn't reaaaaly a limit on how thin/thick you can make these but the ones i used were standard office 5cm long and 1mm thick. The paperclips should be nice and rigid but still malleable with pliers.

Step 3: Unbend Paperclip

Picture of Unbend Paperclip

Try and get it nice and straight. It makes the rest of the task easier.

Step 4: Mark Out and Bend First Semi-circle

Picture of Mark Out and Bend First Semi-circle

Erm. Preety simple, i marked 2cm and then made a small semi-circle.

Step 5: Start the Bending

Picture of Start the Bending

Okay it's pretty easy. All you need to do is hold the paperclip just before your to-be-bend and then push the long bit in the direction you want. After the first bend make them all 90 degree angles getting progressively smaller. You'll see.

Step 6: Cut of Remaining and SHARPINISE

Picture of Cut of Remaining and SHARPINISE

Just cut the paperclip a bit before the end of the straight bit.
To Sharpinise, colour in with a sharpie. BUT. do it like you mean it. cuz it's sharpie rite?

Step 7: Make More Until You've Got Enough

Picture of Make More Until You've Got Enough

Umm. just make more?

Step 8: Attach to Car... or Watever

Picture of Attach to Car... or Watever

Clip them on. You can push them to the first ridge or all the way.

Step 9: RC Car

Picture of RC Car

I just thought i'd add some pictures of my nitro in question. I put the LED Green underglow on it : D
Tell me if u think it looks good.

UPDATE: (a few hours after posting i'ble)
The nitro truck is temporarily decommissioned as whilst tuning the high speed needle today the failsafe err failed and the car drove at full speed into a large brick wall. Whilst i watched from some 20m away...
The front right shock has been damaged and the socket has been completely shattered. The steering rod as also snapped on that side and now i'm left with the remains of a right working wheel. I'm pretty pissed off now :( I'll post a pic of the right wheel.

Thanks and please rate :)


wupme (author)2009-04-24

Oh my god, there has to be some sort of genious price you should recieve. I loose so many of those things... if i saved the money for them i would have another RC Car by now... I still don't understand how i lose them in the first place. Thats gotta be the same thing like the socks who dissapear in the washing machine. There's gotta be some sort of black hole somehwere, because otherwise there would be mountains of those clips where i drive.

Da_RC_Addict (author)wupme2018-01-09

Ditto. I even had my body fly off once cause the clips somehow rattled off on the last jump.

looking4ideas (author)wupme2009-04-24

I have had the same problem with the body clips untill i found this trick out here

pyroten (author)looking4ideas2009-04-24

you could just tie a piece of string to the loop of the clip then drilled a small hole in the body somewhere unnoticeable and tie it to that. that way the clips are always attached to the body and you really couldn't lose them unless u lost the body.

looking4ideas (author)pyroten2009-04-25

I don't want to drill holes on my body unless I'm just painting it because i don't want to mess up the paint job =) plus i tried to use string they hurt ur finger if ur pulling the clips by the string if u use the fuel tubeing it s much easyer to pull the clips off.

Btw: how durable ru clips do they get stretched out when ur putting it on and off

wupme (author)looking4ideas2009-04-25

Yeah the same for me. If you have seen my RC Cars you would never think about drilling a hole into the body. Iridescent paintjob, and some with those typical import tuner graphics. The Bodys are usually import tuning cars and one Mercedes S600 ;)

pyroten (author)looking4ideas2009-04-25

haha okay fair enough. it was just an idea :)
well so far the've sustained quite a few err 'pull offs' and they still look fine. It just depends on how strong your paperclip is. I used the 1mm thick ones which i bought from officeworks *australia btw*. Like right now i'm testing it cuz u got me curious and i can't really bend the straight bit with my fingers. Of course after alot of times pulling on and off the straight and clippy bit will pull apart but then you could just push them back together. but so far they haven't deformed yet : Ddoes that answer it?

looking4ideas (author)pyroten2009-04-25

i just made one with a long straight end so i wont need 4 clips to keep my body on but i realized that my clips attach vertically not horizontally =(( TTTT

pyroten (author)pyroten2009-04-24

YAY. leet : D

its a lion (author)wupme2009-04-24

I know what you mean with the socks... I lost a whole pack overnight. Never even made it out of the bag...

ac1D (author)2009-04-23

nice idea, I used to just put the paper clip without bending it. ahah.

ac1D (author)ac1D2009-04-24

talking about rc car, do you know a nice shop for part witch ship to canada? i have a kyosho(crap i no) DST and no spare part, everything i broke on it was fixed using metal wire lol.

pyroten (author)ac1D2009-04-30

haha erm. sorry for the late reply. i'm from AUSTRALIA : D btw great place.
haha so sorry i don't know anyplace that ships to canada. have u like checked ur local hobby stores? thats where i get all my spare parts and stuff

Da_RC_Addict (author)pyroten2018-01-09

Yeah, Medic (Check out RCSparks Studio, on youtube. Srry bout the lack of a link) Is in canada and they have a bunch of sweet hobby stores there (Such as RC4WD)

pyroten (author)ac1D2009-04-24

Haha yea i was doing that but it wasn't quick to get on so u no. This took me like 2 minutes. Putting the i'ble together took longer :)

hippojoe (author)2009-04-26

Very good Why were you calling your ruler a pencil? .......or was it just a joke that didn't get?

pyroten (author)hippojoe2009-04-29

no no its a pencil obviously : D

hippojoe (author)pyroten2009-04-29

Ok Sorry but I had to ask.

pyroten (author)hippojoe2009-04-30

haha thats fineee

Da_RC_Addict (author)pyroten2018-01-09

Oh wait, did you tape a pencil to one side, @pyroten?

Patented (author)pyroten2009-10-09

Where can I get one like that?

Doctor Freeman (author)2010-07-19

whar are these for

Hobby-Grade RC's, to hold on the body... or whatever else you want to use them for...

Mipy (author)2016-09-15

sweet car dude!

hafizan89 made it! (author)2015-03-11

Thanks to your idea I've made several and thank you sooooo much even though the instructable was made years back.

fuzz1111 (author)2014-02-13

Allow me to suggest a better starting point - bobby-pins.

You can just use them as-is, but might need to cut them down in some cases.

Rseery (author)2013-10-30

Just wanted to let you know that people are still using your excellent idea. I just made 3 of them and they work great!


TheMrCOOLguy2 (author)2013-06-21

Ps sorry bout ur nitro car I feel bad

saransaleen (author)2011-04-28

Nice car is that a traxaas slash 1:18 rc car? sweet!!

WhiteTech (author)saransaleen2011-09-11

and it's a nitro

WhiteTech (author)saransaleen2011-09-11

Nope, doesn't look Traxxas, it looks 1/10, and a StadiumTruck, not the Traxxas Slash 1/16 ShortCourse

sharlston (author)2011-01-28

Great ible check out my rc ibles too :)
Checkout my youtube channel too:

quitit (author)2010-11-08

Great instructable welll done

Goodhart (author)2009-10-23
I would have thought that the paper clips would be a great fix while out and about, but once home, I would rather replace with the more expensive and better tempered real thing.   Any stress that bends a paper clip (since it is untempered) will leave it bent. A tempered clip should spring back and hold better.  But then, maybe there is little continuous stress on these, and more quick shock type stress :-)
Kryptonite (author)2009-04-24

With RC carring this has got to be the most annoying thing when you're driving through the track and by the time you get to the end of the race you're 2 or 3 body clips down. Thanks for the instructable! I've got a "Touring car" though and yours looks like an off roader, how often do you loose this type of clip?

pyroten (author)Kryptonite2009-04-24

Yea it's a 1/10 nitro off road buggy. I got it for 190 down from 300 but only cuz my cousin works at a hobby store and somehow managed to get it down : D Yea i'v lost heaaps of these and i usually kept buying them but this is soo much easier for me. yea i was thinking of gettin an electric touring car like the ta-05. it's preety generic but i was thinking of hopping it up?

Kryptonite (author)pyroten2009-04-24

I'm not entirely sure what I have and I can't check right now because I don't have them with me. Between my dad and I we have 2 nitro off roaders and 4 touring cars. They're completely different to handle but if you can drive on you can drive the other. Touring cars are great fun, but get a body that's nice and sturdy. I bought a real swish car and ended up spending a fortune on it for broken bits and then gave it to my dad, and now I've got another one that's never had to had a piece replaced and it was only 3/4 the price of the other one originally. One thing I learnt is to watch where every thing is placed on the body, my dad stuffed up a $300 speed controller because he clipped it against a corner, and it was on the outside section of the body. Another anoyance is that I've currently got a cheapo speed controller and I bought a really good one that's double the size, but it won't go in due to the space where it can go. One last tip, don't buy Venom batteries. Apart from that I hope you get a good car!

If you want a good on road touring car electric 1/10...get a HPI Cup racer. or HPI E-10 if you want a shaft driven..or get a Sprint 2 if you'd like a belt driven...

I own an E-10 Gran Turismo Edition...

only thing with the E-10s...they come with friction shocks and not fluid filled ones...all cars I listed come RTR and both are around $200...

I haven't taken mine  for a drive in a while, there's no where close by with a nice flat surface like a car park.

leech223 (author)Kryptonite2009-10-07

Why should we not use 'Venom' batteries?

Kryptonite (author)leech2232009-10-07

My good friend Al bought a number of them, to have them all die within a month. Seems the packaging of them is quite weak in a fair few of the battery models.

pyroten (author)Kryptonite2009-04-24

haha yea okay. Dw ill keep away from venom batteries :) Yea i'v been talking through cars for a few weeks now with the guys at the hobby stores and i recon ill go with the TA-05. But when looking at it from your point of view like placement and such it's a bit sketch D: so ill look into it. Thanks for the advise :)

Kryptonite (author)pyroten2009-04-24

No probs, tell me when you get it and send a pic if you could, I'd like to see what you get!

pyroten (author)Kryptonite2009-04-29

i got it. a TA-05 in Raybrig. I finished building it yesterday but i haven't done the body yet. well i started cutting it out. D: typical me didn't cut straight again and i'v made abit of a mess of the body. It's not that noticable but if you look. haha oh well. always room 4 improvement. :) ill post u a pic when i finish it off

Kryptonite (author)pyroten2009-05-06

Haha, sounds cool, I hope it turns out alright. I'll send a picture of my dad's and mine when I get my camera to work. :S

pyroten (author)Kryptonite2009-05-10

yay finished the body. i did a preety bad sticker job tho. next time i'm not gunna use the stickers except for the nessesary ones and do it with paint. actually my paint looks kinda wierd on the raybrig but wateva :)
it's orange. ill post a pic soonish

pyroten (author)Kryptonite2009-05-07

haha sik : D
yea my camera's getting old as well... i only get half the pic. but ill upload sum soonish. i'v got it running it's preety sweet but my body's still not dun :(

l have a mgt but i wreaked it, and i don't have the money to fix it :(

That's the sad thing about RC cars, slightly expencive if you don't use it... perfectly.

aleinlegs (author)2009-08-19

the under-glow looks really cool, can you post an instructable on how to build one?? thnx

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