Introduction: Paperclip Buckle Belt

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This is a super easy belt to make that does not require buckles from craft stores or old belts. I wanted to restrict my materials to whatever I could find at Walmart. The paperclips did a surprisingly good job of keeping the belt tight around my waist.


2 large paperclips

old t-shirt


Time: 2 hr

Step 1: Make the D Rings

Picture of Make the D Rings

Straighten out the two paperclips, then use the pliers to shape them into the shape of a D. Make sure to wrap intertwine the paperclip ends on the flat side of the D ring.

Step 2: Cut Up the T-shirt

Picture of Cut Up the T-shirt

Cut the t-shirt from top to bottom. Make the strips even in length and fairly wide because they will be thinned out later afterwards.

Step 3: Making the Belt Strands

Picture of Making the Belt Strands

Stretch and curl 5 t-shirt strips. If the strips cannot be wrapped around your waist at least 6 inch left over, tie the strand with another strand.

Step 4: Tie the Strands on the Two D Rings

Picture of Tie the Strands on the Two D Rings

Cut off any excess.

Step 5: Weaving

Picture of Weaving

Start by taking the last left strand and pull it over and under the neighboring 2 strands. Repeat with the last right strand. Repeat this with the last left strand then last right strand until the belt is complete.

Step 6: Tie Up the Loose Ends

Picture of Tie Up the Loose Ends

Cut off the fabric ends afterwards.

Step 7: How to Use

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Pull the belt end through two D rings, then pull it over only one of the rings.


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-11-01

Nice handmade belt.

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