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Introduction: Paperclipless Paper Clipping

My math teacher in highschool did this. I thought he was ripping up my paper and it freaked me out.
But it looked neat and when he saw me freaking out he unfolded it and showed me the papers, hardly damaged. Then he reassembled it with the same nicks. Ta daa!

Papers joined without staple or paperclip.

Excellent photos by theinfonaut

Step 1: Get Your Poop in a Group

Gather your papers and tap the edges to line the sheets up.
Printers (the old meaning: people who print) call this "jogging".

Step 2: Fold, Spindle and Mutilate

Fold the corner over, make two small rips as shown, and fold over the resulting flap.
It's suprisingly secure and strong. You can unfold it, remove individual sheets, and put it back together quickly and easily.



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    wow,nice one I tried it, LOL, it ripped my paper!

    get ur poop in a group?

    Yeah, you get something like a stick or fishnet after going "number two." Then, you just push them around until they're grouped together. I do this in my spare time.

    also known as "Get your S**t together"

    No no no. Sorry to disagree on this one. Not for formal writing turned in to a formal situation. Your ideas represent something important. Many of our ideas in this society go down on paper. The paper needs a little dignity -- think of it as a ritual. We may eschew some rituals (I do) but some seem useful. Even some simple societies engage in rituals to amplify the importance of certain events and situations. So one ritual that seems useful in an academic context is stapling the work. If you tear the corners, that make me (perhaps others) think you don't care much for your work, and if not, why should I? Do you send your child to school dirty and bleeding? Your thoughts are your children.

    why not? saves on bandaids and soap too

    Wade Tarzia is verry much correct, using a paperclip or a staple is a much more proffessional means of keeping it together. its a good idea for organizing your notes maby, but anything turned in should not have a mar.

    What is your problem? Just shut up, this person spent time in organizing the instructable and should be rewarded, not criticized. We don't want a lecture, maybe you could type a summary of the last half of your paragraph that I didn't read.

    But it was a free lecture! I usually get paid for that. ;-)

    I love this! I have to turn in a biology paper soon, and my biology professor is quite the environmentalist. She'll appreciate this.