video Paperclips Magic Trick
Easy to perform magic trick with Paperclips. Enjoy
cherylcaleb4 years ago
U can add a rubber band to it n it still works
awesome i <3 it ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ))))))))))))))))))))))
Bluefizz7 years ago
lol it said one dollar bill but it was a 5 dollar bill. Anyway that dosent matter.
It says 1 dollar bill as in a dollar bill (could be a 5, a 10, an 1 billion, as long as its a bill) :D
cool trick - works great!
chalky7 years ago
who does the backing tune?? ace little trick by the way:)
Monkey T.7 years ago
umm... i didn't work for ke, i must be doing something wrong...
ernestoaug7 years ago
muito legal!!!!!!
suggsugg7 years ago
it also works when you put multiple clips on one of the sides, they all go onto the other clip. i trieed it with five mini paper clips on one side and one big one on the other, and they all hooked onto the big one.
Spike7 years ago
Awesome, easy-to-do trick; I'm going to show this to my friends later. =D
Awesome, looks really easy, I might try this with my friends. :-)