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Introduction: Papercraft Deer Head

Hey momoluvers! It's momo. Lately I've been obsessed with paper crafting and I wanted to show you this amazing craft (I apologize if your sick of my paper crafts;) enjoy!

Step 1: Supplies

1~ template above
2~ liquid glue
3~ thin cardboard
4~ patterned paper
5~ scissors

Step 2: Set Up

Glue the paper onto the cardboard front and back. Make sure you've glued every bit because you don't want it to come off of the small pieces

After that, glue the template onto it. Make sure you do not glue the pieces, just glue around them anywhere you can

NOTE: I have marked the order of the pieces above

Step 3: Cut

Now simply cut out all of the pieces. Be careful with this, as some of these pieces are very small and detailed, and you don't want to mess it up

Step 4: Attachment

Now simply start sliding the pieces into the slots. Make sure the pieces are in order!

Step 5: Finish Attachment

Just repeat the last step here. Make sure that the EARS are behind the ANTLERS

Step 6: Side Pieces

Put the two matching pieces on either side of the deer head. These should slide rather easily into the furthest slits on either side

Step 7: Mantle

Now simply glue the ends of the deer head and attach it to the mount. Now tape the mount anywhere desired

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    MinhS1 made it!

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    mororo made it!


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Yours looks so good mororo! I love seeing y'all's attempts at my instructables!