Step 5: Lily

Cut the lily out using your template

Cure the petals down with your fingers (or other tools)

Roll the flower into a cone shape and paste along the tab
OMG I love paper crafting
Me too, it's pretty fun! I have several different paper crafting things on instructables, do you have a pro account so you can download?
Love these and so easy to follow your instructions--- just what I need. Much prefer simple, easy things to make. Would look good as a table deco too, Thanks, sweetie
You are most welcome! I agree, so many possibilities with these flowers, you could even add stems!
nice one
Thank you!
ur welcome
this is really really pretty :) <br>and like jessy said, thank you for including patterns~
Why thanks and you are most welcome. :)
Very cute! Thanks for including patterns. :D
Thanks and you are most welcome!

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