Step 7: Tulip

Cut your template out of the paper color of your choice.

Fold the paper along the dotted lines (I forgot to fold the middle of each pedal and did it after I glue it into place.  OOPS!

Curl the petals

The small tabs on two of the petals should be folded over and glue added to the outside of them, these are your tabs to glue the flower together. 

Use paper clips to hold together while drying
OMG I love paper crafting
Me too, it's pretty fun! I have several different paper crafting things on instructables, do you have a pro account so you can download?
Love these and so easy to follow your instructions--- just what I need. Much prefer simple, easy things to make. Would look good as a table deco too, Thanks, sweetie
You are most welcome! I agree, so many possibilities with these flowers, you could even add stems!
nice one
Thank you!
ur welcome
this is really really pretty :) <br>and like jessy said, thank you for including patterns~
Why thanks and you are most welcome. :)
Very cute! Thanks for including patterns. :D
Thanks and you are most welcome!

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