Picture of Papercraft IceHouse game pieces

What are they?

Looney pyramids are the most recent version of Icehouse pieces. Icehouse pieces were originally created for the game Icehouse, A very confusing abstract strategy game.

The pyramids themselves come in three sizes, each with its own point value (Also known as pips) . the small, medium, and large pyramids have value points of 1,2,and 3 respectively.The pyramids nest perfectly in any combination. The pyramids come in sets of 15 with 5 colors and 3 sizes each. These sets are called stashes .

What can you play with them?

With one stash of pyramids you are able to play many (around 20 official and player created games) .The introductory game to play with one stash is TreeHouse a game for 2-4 players using a dice.

One of the most popular called Zendo,requires 4-5 stashes (5 ideally) and is for 3-4 players .In Zendo, one player makes a secret rule.and the others guess it. I'll go more in depth about Zendo in my Zendo tutorial (Coming soon)

Additionally, Icehouse pieces were made similar to a deck of cards in that there are infinite possibilities of making games with dice, boards, other pieces and cards.

Why paper?

You can easily acquire Looney Pyramids online for 15-20$ for a game of ice dice which comes with 2 stashes. However, paying 40-50$ to play a game of Zendo is quite a bit of money.

With paper you can make a quick cheap copy of pieces without making the investment needed. Plus these pyramids are fully customizable.

In this tutorial I will be making 1 stash of pyramid pieces pieces.

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Step 1: Materials

To make these pyramids you will need :

  • Cardstock,Colored paper, or cardboard. (Any thick paper will work)
  • Scissors or Exacto knife
  • Pyramid template PDF
  • A Pen (For scoring the folds
  • Colored pencils or markers
  • Glue or tape. (I use hot glue)

Step 2: Print the Template PDF

The template makes 6 Trios of pyramids. print two of the templates for two stashes.

I've never heard of this game but it reminds me of The Cones of Dunshire from Parks and Rec

Reminds me of trying to explain game rules to my friends =)