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Introduction: Papercraft Moai

This is my first instructable. I am very much a fan of the Moais of Easter Island. After my trip there in 2012, I bought a small wooden Moai souvenir. I was starting to learn Blender 3D at the time (a free 3D drawing tool from so I decided to make my first model based on the small wooden Moai. Once the model was ready, I exported it to Pepakura ( which allows the model to be printed on regular paper, cut out, and glued into a nice papercraft.

Step 1: Building Your Moai

Attached is the Pepakura file that I built. You can download their free viewer from their website.

  1. Open the Pepakura file.
  2. Print out the 4 sheets of paper.
  3. Cut around all the pieces using scissors or an x-acto knife.
  4. Bend the tabs accordingly.
  5. Glue all parts to form your new authentical Moai!

Step 2: Finished Papercraft

Now you can make your own Moai to place on your Ahu!

Here is the finished product. Hope you enjoyed this small instructable, and if you make one I would love to see the pictures.



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