Picture of Papercraft TARDIS with working light
Here's a simple papercraft project for any whovians with a little down time. It took me about 20 minutes to make it but it was well worth it. To add some extra realism I put a blue LED at the top to seal the deal. This is going to be my entry for the Scoochmaroo papercraft challenge.

Step 1: The template

Picture of The template
I got the template from the deviant art user gfoyle. http://gfoyle.deviantart.com/art/Paper-Craft-Tardis-104428690

He described it as a free gift and encouraged people to print it out and make it. Therefore I don't think he'll mind if I use his template for this instructable.
iangoh made it!1 year ago

I just made something similar, but using transparent blue LEGOs at the top with the LED underneath.

TARDIS Printable with Blue LED.jpg
tgarty1 year ago
tgarty1 year ago
wich color is the resistor?
Bongmaster3 years ago
and yes there was a 3rd doctor episode where they was miniaturized, landed in a funky machine.
thecoonskin (author)  Bongmaster3 years ago
I think I found it. It was carnival of monsters season 10
thats the one
spectacular3 years ago
This is very cool! Although not sure about the tape
thecoonskin (author)  spectacular3 years ago
yea I definatley regret the tape. Go with a clear drying glue it gives you a better finished product.
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Awesome. Make sure you get this into the Make it Real contest!
thecoonskin (author)  scoochmaroo3 years ago
ok will do.