Here's a simple papercraft project for any whovians with a little down time. It took me about 20 minutes to make it but it was well worth it. To add some extra realism I put a blue LED at the top to seal the deal. This is going to be my entry for the Scoochmaroo papercraft challenge.

Step 1: The Template

I got the template from the deviant art user gfoyle. http://gfoyle.deviantart.com/art/Paper-Craft-Tardis-104428690

He described it as a free gift and encouraged people to print it out and make it. Therefore I don't think he'll mind if I use his template for this instructable.
<p>I just made something similar, but using transparent blue LEGOs at the top with the LED underneath.</p>
wich color is the resistor?
and yes there was a 3rd doctor episode where they was miniaturized, landed in a funky machine.
I think I found it. It was carnival of monsters season 10
thats the one
This is very cool! Although not sure about the tape
yea I definatley regret the tape. Go with a clear drying glue it gives you a better finished product.
Awesome. Make sure you get this into the Make it Real contest!
ok will do.

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