Step 10: And You're Finished!

Well now you have a minature TARDIS all to yourself. Let's hope it really is bigger on the inside considering how small it is. If you want to improve the design you could add a switch to the circuit so you could turn off the LED and save the batteries life. If you want to get really advanced you could make the LED flash and have a speaker that played the TARDIS take off noise. Well either way hope you have fun with your new TARDIS.
<p>I just made something similar, but using transparent blue LEGOs at the top with the LED underneath.</p>
wich color is the resistor?
and yes there was a 3rd doctor episode where they was miniaturized, landed in a funky machine.
I think I found it. It was carnival of monsters season 10
thats the one
This is very cool! Although not sure about the tape
yea I definatley regret the tape. Go with a clear drying glue it gives you a better finished product.
Awesome. Make sure you get this into the Make it Real contest!
ok will do.

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