Picture of Papercraft Video Game Treasure Chests
KH2 Olympus Treasure Chest.jpg
KH2 Beast Castle Treasure Chest Papercraft.jpg
KH2 Port Royal Treasure Chest Papercraft.jpg
KH2 100 Acre Wood Treasure Chest Papercraft.jpg
Kingdom Hearts 2 Christmas Town Treasure Chest Papercraft.jpg
Land of Dragons Mulan Treasure Chest.jpg
Each land in the Kingdom Hearts 2 video game is based on a different Disney movie. There are treasure chests to be found in the game and they are decorated to fit the land in which they are located. I thought it would be cool to create small papercraft versions of some of these chests. These images are of seven of the eleven different chests I produced. Building the chests is relatively simple: print the template on cardstock, cut out the pieces, fold, and glue. The PDF templates (instructions included) may be downloaded at Tektonten Papercraft.

Note: The Disney movies represented by the seven treasure chests shown here include: Aladdin, Hercules, Beauty and the Beast, Pirates of the Caribbean, Winnie the Pooh, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Mulan.
kingdom hearts just love it so much more than anyone i know
Tektonten (author)  kingdomheartsfreak2 years ago
Wow! thats really cool, Kingdom hearts is awesome :3
Oh, those are so cute!