Picture of Papercraft nº1 - Flexo
Hi! Today I'm going to show you how to make a papercraft. For the ones who don't know waht a papercraft is I will  explain.

A papercraft is a 3 dimensional sculpture made out of paper. It has some similarities with origami, but is more funny, complex and you can create beatifull and amazing things. You can print it in paper sheets at home and you cut the pieces and then you glue them all to create a wonderfull creation. There are simple ones and more dificult ones. There are cars, monuments, objects, characters from yours favourite videos games or movies and much more.

 Let's start!
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Step 1: Materials

This first papercraft is very easy and it's from a collection called cubeecraft.
I'm going to give you the link so that you can print the templates.

The materials:

      - Paper ( to print)
      - X acto knife or scissors
      - Some kinf of surface that you can scratch ( to cut over it)
      - Glue
      - Patient
      - Ruler ( if you need)

Step 2: Printing and cutting

Picture of Printing and cutting
Start by printing the templates that are in the link that I gave to you.
Next you will want to cut them. I prefer to use an x acto knife.
If you feel necessity, use a ruller inorder to cut straighter lines

You should end up with something like what you can see above.

Step 3: Glue the pieces

Picture of Glue the pieces
Now we are going to glue the pieces individually.
To facilitate the process yo can fold the edges, where you can usually se a thiny line.
This will ready up the areas tah will need glue, so that it's realy easy to do.

You start by gluing each peace separated and then you will join them all.
After you have each piece ready , go to the next step
Kiteman1 year ago
Er, why are all your images so tiny?
npereira2 (author)  Kiteman1 year ago
I don't know. Maybe is because of my camera, but don't look so tiny to me...
Do you mean the size of picture or the content of the picture?
thank you for your comment.
I mean the size - they aren't much more than thumbnails!
npereira2 (author)  Kiteman1 year ago
I don't know. They seem normal when I open them on windows live they are big, but when I upload them they are small. I started posting Instructables since two or three days and I am a "rookie". Can you help me, please? ( since I can understand that you are very experient and even a pro..?